Action Stations Updates Ninja Force Closure Dates: Unfortunately our first floor interactives and our Ninja Force course will be closed on the following days: 5th, 11th, 14th, 23rd & 29th September and the 4th & 13th October Exciting News - Action Stations is getting a new exhibition, all about the making of a Royal Marine. Watch this space for more information.

Laser Quest

Guns at the ready

Our amazing 2 storey arena will test the strategic skills of your team, chasing down opposing teams with our laser gun equipment in a fun and energetic challenge. Two games are played over an hour; each session lasting 20 minutes with a refreshment break in the middle. The break is a great opportunity for the teams to review their scoresheets from the first round and analyse their strategy for round two!

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3 opponents fire lasers directly towards you

A Laser Quest team lie in wait for their opponents who are just round the corner

How Do I Book?

To book your workshop or for more information, contact our Events and Learning Executive, Lauren Mitchell

023 9289 3316