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    The learning team at Action Stations take pride in tailoring education visits specifically to your individual budget and learning needs and will happily customise your workshop to incorporate as many or as few subjects as you need.  All workshops are designed to maximise pupil's learning and cater for students across all levels of the curriculum; from Early Years Foundation Stage to Higher Education.

    Details of the different options are below.

    For more information on the individual learning programmes, contact Action Stations on 023 9289 3316 or email learning@pnbpt.com

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    Pirate Life

    Target groups: Key Stage 1 and 2

    Price: £8 per student


    Ahoy there me hearties!

    This workshop gives students the opportunity to live the life of a pirate for the day by taking part in a treasure hunt, working together to build a mini pirate ship and learning all about the lives and adventures of famous pirates.

    So weigh the anchor and hoist the mizzen for an exciting day of history and fun! 

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  • Open

    Build a Naval Shell

    Target groups: Key Stage 1 and 2

    Price £10 per student. 


    A fun and challenging workshop

    The workshop begins with a short presentation on the history of naval shells and how they are made.  Pupils then work in small teams to design and create their very own naval shell which they will get to fire from our compressed air cannon!

    This workshop can be combined with our special WW1 workshop (Subject to availability - Contact 023 9289 3316 for more information)

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  • Open

    Spy Workshop

    Target groups: Key Stage 1 and 2

    Price £8 per student


    A look at the world through the eyes of a spy, focusing on a Portsmouth based story that resulted in a not so happy ending! In this workshop, students will be sent on a secret mission around Action Stations, be put to the challenge of deciphering codes, taking part in our code and cipher workshop and exploring both modern and historic methods of espionage.

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  • Open

    Team Challenge

    Target groups: All Key Stages

    Price: £8 per person


    Teams work together to complete a range of challenges that develop communication, leadership and negotiation skills.  Tasks require observation, awareness and hand-eye coordination.

    There are a variety of challenges that can be adapted to suit the needs of the group - we will be happy to design a bespoke programme for your students.

    This package can be adapted for ALL key stages (Laser Quest can also be added).

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  • Open

    Information, Communication & Technology

    Target groups: All Key stages

    Price: £9 per person


    Historic Boathouse No.6 has undergone significant changes since being constructed over 150 years ago.

    Allow us to show you how this 1840's Boathouse was converted into an interactive tourist attraction.  Students will learn about the hardware and software that goes into running our exhibits and displays on a daily basis,  The behind the scenes tour offers an extensive insight into how technology has advanced and changed over the past decade and how a modern tourist attraction has to keep up to date.  Students will also take an in-depth look at our Laser Quest arena exploring the technology that powers it and the ins and outs of the arena itself.

    This package can be adapted for ALL key stages.

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  • Open

    Leisure, Tourism, Marketing and Business Workshop

    Target group: Key Stage 3 and 4

    Price: £12 per student


    With talks and visits to Action Stations and the Spinnaker Tower or the Mary Rose available, students will take a look at the marketing, branding and customer service aspects of each attraction.  These sessions can be adapted to accommodate all exam boards.  Focusing on specific aspects of the businesses, students will have the opportunity to explore how we work, ask questions and suggest ways in which they would run the attractions.

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  • Open

    Lights, Camera, Action... Stations:

    Target groups: Key stage 3 & 4

    Price: £9 per student


    A cross-curricular workshop covering a range of creative subjects.

    Three different options are available for this  workshop: News Report, Advert and Short Film.

    Working in groups, the students begin their day with an introduction to the chosen subject,  They will be given time to discuss, plan and write their masterpiece ,thinking about character, audience, genre and the message they want to portray.  Once the planning process is complete, the filming begins!  A Variety of options for filming are available, including the use of our green screen, stop motion characters and unique features around the Historic Dockyard site.  To finish the day off they will get to watch their creation come to life on the big screen within the Action Stations cinema. 

    This session can be adapted to focus on specific topics or schemes of work.

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    See our examples here:

    Example 1

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    Example 3

    Example 4


  • Open

    Maths and Science in Action

    Target group: Key stages 3 & 4

    Price: £10 per student


    Incorporating maths, science and design technology into one exciting but challenging workshop.

    In this workshop pupils can explore how aerodynamics and ballistics are used in the design of modern shells.

    The session starts with a short introduction to the science of ballistics and the history of artilery.  Pupils then work in teams to construct their own shell to be fired from our compressed air cannon.  Pupils will use data to predict the range and impact point of their shell.

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